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We have specified turnaround times for most of our products. Sometimes, although rarely we have equipment failures or malfunctions that could possibly delay your jobs. However, here are a few things you can do in order to ensure your job gets out with our lightning fast turnaround.

1. Be sure that the artwork fits our required specifications. If you're not sure what specifications we require read through our art submission page. We do not start the printing and prepress operations until 7:00 P.M. Eastern. When our pre-pressmen see the bad art they have to contact the client to let them know the art is unusable. They cannot always get in touch with the client so the job will be dropped from the queue therefore holding your job up an additional day.

2. Special Shipping instructions will certainly hold up your job. Our shipping department is incredibly busy and they have a method to their madness (so they say). When a special shipping instruction comes up they are forced to break their routine therefore causing a delay in shipping. We do not use 3rd party shipping information and we do not provide individual sample packs shipped separately than the specified address. If you would like samples sent to you please contact our marketing department and they will be more than happy to send you some samples.

3. Be sure to put the correct information where it is supposed to go. If there is a special art instruction please put it into the special art instructions portion of our ordering system.   The Shipping information is where the package is going to be shipped. It is imperative that you change this information to the correct shipping address. If you do not change this information the package will be sent to the address that is associated with your account. The automatic default address is the address that you used when you created your account. If you do not change this address while placing the order then is not held responsible for shipping errors.

4. Do not change shipping information after you place the order. If you read our Terms and Conditions we do not change shipping methods after the order has been placed. Please choose carefully while placing the order because this is your final shipping method.

5. Do not split your orders and be sure of what you're ordering.

When placing an order you will see a detailed description of what you're ordering. When you get to the payment section of our ordering system you will see a detailed description of what you're ordering and the shipping instruction. If there are any other special instructions it will also appear below the shipping information. Before putting in your credit card information please take a minute to look over your shipping instructions and that the products you are ordering are indeed what you want. When you receive the final invoice in your email the name of the files will also be included.

6. Submit your art in two separate files and name them accordingly. When you submit your art please submit it as two files if it is going to be a double sided job. You can name them however you want but please add a "yourproject_front, youproject_back" or you can use numbers. This will cut down on the confusion on our prepress department tremendously. Our prepress guys are real good but they're certainly not mind readers. It is impossible for them to determine how a client wants their final image to be printed so the closer the art is when submitted the less time it will take them to figure out how to lay it out correctly. Some people submit art that is way off and expect us to figure out how they wanted it printed.

7. We Layout the art the way it is submitted so make sure you have it right upon submission. We are good about contacting clients who submit artwork in an incorrect manner but occasionally files get by us. Our prepress will lay the job out using their best judgment and sometimes their best judgment and what makes the most sense is not what the client wants. If the you as the client wants to keep the white canvas around the image then place that information into the special art instructions portion of our ordering system.

8. If there is ANYTHING that would make your job out of the ordinary please place the information in the Special Art Instructions in our ordering system.

9. How to number and submit your pages in a booklet or magazine. If you are submitting the artwork for a booklet or magazine please number each page individually. Do not submit the art in a "spread" fashion but with each page as an individual file. Each page should be in a separate art file numbers cover, page 1, page 2, page 3, and etc.

We will put the booklet together using the page numbers you provide. If art is submitted in the incorrect fashion then you will be contacted and your print job will be held up until new artwork is submitted.

10. Be sure to complete your order online. Sending an email, fax, or phone call in no way constitutes and order was placed. The only way to guarantee your order was placed is by logging in and placing the order yourself. You will instantly receive an invoice which indicates that you've placed the order. If you do not receive an invoice then please contact us. We have spent a lot of time developing the best online ordering system in the print business. Our ordering system is very user friendly and walks you through the entire ordering process step-by-step. If you do not place the order online then we can not guarantee our regular turnaround.